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Since 2013, essonė. has created eco-luxe, botanically-enhanced skincare products. Launching initially with luxe organic sunscreen, the now coveted skincare brand extends to a full regime, with each product maintaining the company ethos of transparency, affordability, and effectiveness. essonė. products are packed full of premium plant-based oils and butters that have been used for centuries.

All essonė products are anhydrous. This means that they are absent from water, eliminating preservatives, fillers, binders, additives, octinoxate, chemical UV-absorbers, titanium dioxide or synthetic preservatives, therefore they don’t evaporate & less is needed. essonė products deliver more potency direct to the skin than that of products with aqua listed as their first ingredient, this isn’t something new its an ancient beauty ritual, once your skin attunes it will thank you, the words greasy, oily will disappear from your vocab.

At essonė they don’t use aqua in their products because they like to deliver pure ingredients to your skin. It is true that we are over 70% water and keeping adequately hydrated is pivotal in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but water on your skin is a different story. As humans, we use skin moisture (sweat) to bring down our core body temperature and prevent over-heating. When moisture, be it sweat or water, evaporates from our skin it takes with it oils and nutrients that are vital for skin repair, essentially the product you have applied evaporates too!


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