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IncaFé is founded on the belief that organic agriculture produces food that is tastier, contains more nutrients and is much better for the environment and the growers. It provides the growers’ communities much needed jobs and companion crops for local food supply and construction materials.

IncaFé’s coffee beans are mostly grown in forested ecosystems where companion plantings, canopy shade, and an abundance of insect and bird life all contribute to healthy plants in fertile soil, producing full-flavoured coffee beans. Obviously, organic agriculture keeps water sources clean. Coffee is originally a shade plant and is perfect for organic agriculture.

IncaFé started in 1998 when, Carmen and Joop, met in Carmen’s Peru and Joop was shown the old coffee plantation of a family member. From that point on they started working with coffee as a way of promoting organic agriculture. They bought a small cafe in Queenstown in 2003 after emigrating to NZ in 2000. In 2006 they set up the current factory in New Plymouth.

Due to their unique direct supply chain and certified manufacturing process all of Incafe's coffees are of high quality and consistency. Their unwavering focus on quality create coffees that have won numerous awards since 2012 at the NZ Coffee Awards including the Supreme Award in 2013-14 and 8 awards in the 2014-15 edition in just about all categories.


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