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An idea born out of love for the native plant riches of New Zealand, Australia and the islands of the South Pacific. Lewin & Reilly believe organic skincare should be luxurious and show positive changes in your skin and how you feel about your complexion, health and the environment. Working with family owned farms and businesses that work with indigenous land owners, each treasure you find in their collection is made in small batches with love from their family in New Zealand, to yours.

Your health is so important, that's why Lewin & Reilly's entire collection is formulated with a minimum 95% organic & wild-harvested ingredients grown in New Zealand, Australia and the islands of the South Pacific. They source exclusively from boutique family-owned farms, companies that work directly with native land owners and environmentally conscious growers so that you receive 'fresher' ingredients in your skincare, more alive with nutrients, vitamins, anti-oxidants and more.

Lewin & Reilly are Certified Cruelty Free. Plus their entire collection is suitably vegan. The vast majority of their packaging is made in New Zealand, and is all fully recyclable with minimal plastic. This includes the beautifully made watercolour boxes that envelope their hand-crafted creations.

Lewin & Reilly believe in recycling, minimal packaging and maximum quality in everything we choose to create. Testing solely on humans such as themselves, friends and family, their skin loves them for it, and hopefully yours will too. An honest and transparent company with a sense of humour, they will always tell you, their wonderful customers and fellow humans, exactly what they do have in their formulations, and what they believe in, in a positive light.


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