Organic pet food

Premium collection of organic & natural free dried dog food made from organic chicken, fish and lamb.

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Epicly Organic brings to you a curated list of premium and wholesome dog food for that beloved member of your family. These products are made from 100% free-range farmed animals and are designed to give your pets a complete and balanced diet. Our partners carefully craft kibble which mirror the whole-prey meat-rich, diet that dogs & cats require for a long, happy, healthy life. The benefits of consuming organic food are plenty.

Free-range farmed animal meat is superior to industrially farmed animal meat. Free-range farmed animals are happier and healthier, and so is their meat and organs. These animals are allowed to roam free on massive ranges, which tones their muscles and organs to provide healthier kibble. Industrially farmed animals have poor organ and muscle development, leading to low quality meat.

Organic dog food does not contain nasties like grain, corn, soy, wheat, rice or other fillers. They are also free of GMOs, antibiotics and growth hormones which are harmful for your pets. The superior quality ingredients keep your pets healthier for longer.

Low quality dog food is cheap because natural ingredients are replaced by chemical additives and animal by-products like fat, to improve taste but dramatically reduce quality. Our pets are animals of prey, and need high quality animal meat to live a healthy life, free of disease.


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