• Paraben Free
  • GMO Free
  • Organic Ingredients
  • Artificial Colour Free
  • Synthetic Preservative Free
  • Animal Cruelty Free

What's in the bottle?


Natural & Organic ingredients have the same benefits that chemicals do, minus the harmful side effects of chemical cosmetics.

  1. Organic ingredient | Rosa Canina Fruit Oilcalendula Officinalis In Prunus Dulcis Oilcalophyllum Inophyllum Seed Oillavandula Angustifolia Essential Oil

    Rosa Canina Fruit Oilcalendula Officinalis In Prunus Dulcis Oilcalophyllum Inophyllum Seed Oillavandula Angustifolia Essential Oil
    Rosehip oil contains vitamin C and vitamin A. It also contains essential fatty acids.

Who makes it?

About The Herb Farm

New Zealand

A family commitment

The Herb Farm is a family owned and operated business through and through. This can be seen in the old fashioned family values and a commitment to natural which is at the heart of the business.

Albert Einstein once said “look deep into nature and we learn more about ourselves”Herbalist Lynn Kirkland did just that and in 1993 founded The Herb Farm. In doing so she became part of a quiet revolution made up of insightful individuals and companies who believe in the power of nature.

The Herb Farm grows many of their fresh herb ingredients in the tranquility of their gardens, finding just the right spot for them to thrive. Herbs are picked as needed, or harvested on the day they are at their very best. Their fresh essence is infused into each of Lynn’s formulations. What they can’t grow, is sourced from like-minded individuals and companies who share The Herb Farm's vision. These ingredients along with the magic of their garden, their care and love, are hand crafted on site into beautiful, natural, products that heal, revitalise and nurture.

“As we work, we learn, discover and grow our wisdom - it is our pleasure and joy to find things out. With knowledge comes an increasing awareness of how everything in our world is intricately connected - what we do today impacts on our future and that of future generations. That’s why as people and as a company, we are committed to living natural lifestyles.” - The Herb Farm.

What buyers think about Intensive Face Oil


9.6/10 from 10 reviews

We do not incentivize our buyers to post reviews. All reviews are organic.

  1. 10/10

    This product is true whole food for the face. Fast absorbing leaving the skin renewed and radiant. This product is a must for anyone serious about skincare with results.


  2. 10/10

    This serum is superb. It helps balance our skin oil. Before try it i was afraid my skin gonna get oily. But when i try it, i like it. It makes my skin feels good. I love it so much


  3. 10/10

    Help to heal the scar on my face.


  4. 10/10

    This face oil is great! Very nourishing and soothing. I use this face oil most nights. Was a bit hestiant at first to use a face oil, because I thought it might make or leave my skin oily, but it doesn’t, it just get absorbed right in and my skin looks and feels great.


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