Organic green tea

Premium collection of organic green tea, organic tulsi tea, matcha tea and therepeutic teas to help you indulge while being healed by nature.

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Epicly Organic has a curated collection of premium organic green tea and other therepeutic teas with a range of health benefits. While green tea has a range of health benefits, from it's ability to lower cancer, Alzheimer's & Parkinson's therepeutic teas can help you address specific health conditions.

Explore teas which will help you fight against, stress, diabeteas, obesity and other common health conditions affecting a modern sedentary lifestyle. With specially crafted concoctions to aid digestion, boost energy, lose weight or get a good night's sleep, teas are made with specific active ingredients like Tulsi, Matcha, Kombucha and Turmeric.

To maintain the potency of their teas, our partners employ certified naturopaths, herbalists and nutritionalists to ensure that you get more health benefits than cheaper, general purpose teas. Ingredients are the key behind potency, and for this reason, our partners use only the best, certified organic active ingredients sourced from their natural habitat.

Experience unique combinations of medicinal herbs in therapeutic ratios, designed to drink daily to enhance your natural health, hydration and wellness, the nourishing way.


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