• Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Artificial Flavour Free
  • Artificial Sweetner Free
  • Sugar Free
  • Artificial Color Free
  • Synthetic Preservative Free

What's in the box?


When it comes to nutrition, quality is key and less is usually more. You shouldn't eat anything that your body doesn't need.

  1. Organic ingredient | Hibiscus

    Hibiscus tea has been known to prevent hypertension, lower blood pressure, reduce blood sugar levels, keep your liver healthy, help with menstrual cramps, help with depression, aid digestion and help with weight management. Its rich in Vitamin C, contains minerals such as flavonoids and has laxative properties.

  2. Organic ingredient | Elder Berries

    Elder Berries
    Elderberry contains antioxidants, and many believe it can relieve colds, fight the flu, and boost the immune system.

  3. Organic ingredient | Rooibos

    Native to South Africa, rooibos has been used to relieve teething gums, soothe colicky babies, and help people sleep for hundreds of years

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Who makes it?

About Forage + Bloom

New Zealand

People & plants are the heart of Forage + Bloom

Created by naturopath, medical herbalist and nutritionist Hannah McMenamin, Forage + Bloom is a range of organic herbal teas designed for home and hospitality; formulated to achieve the highest quality in taste and therapeutics. Herb infused hydration, helping you live well.

Quality and sustainability matter to Forage + Bloom. Their herbs are carefully sourced locally and globally; their philosophy is to use herbs that grow in abundance and to be thoughtful about their origins. Forage + Bloom uses certified organic medicinal herbs and our teas are free of synthetic or natural flavourings and additives, without exception.

Small batches are hand blended to ensure optimal freshness and potency. Ingredients and packaging are biodegradable, compostable and recyclable.

What buyers think about BLOOM : ruby red, tangy + refreshing


9.6/10 from 10 reviews

We do not incentivize our buyers to post reviews. All reviews are organic.

  1. 8/10

    Forage + Bloom tea is clean, beautiful, elegant and romantic


  2. 10/10

    We are finding our customers are coming back again and again for the Bloom tea, which our cafe customers are telling us makes a huge difference to their day. A lot of them are telling us they feel a lot more invigorated and have energy to burn after a few cups of Bloom. Us and our customers are queueing up for Bloom every morning. With this in mind we would like to offer your range in our Queenstown cafe.


  3. 8/10

    Customers love your tea range, we've been referring so many people to your website for home purchase too!


  4. 10/10

    Everyone adores your teas Hannah, so happy to have them at the Ginger & they work so brilliantly with our food


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