• Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Artificial Flavour Free
  • Artificial Sweetner Free
  • Sugar Free
  • Artificial Color Free
  • Synthetic Preservative Free

What's in the box?


When it comes to nutrition, quality is key and less is usually more. You shouldn't eat anything that your body doesn't need.

  1. Organic ingredient | Gunpowder Green

    Gunpowder Green
    Stronger Immune System. Healthier Heart. Managing Diabetes. Longer Life. Improves Digestion. Reduces risks of Chronic Diseases. More Energy. Weight Loss.

  2. Organic ingredient | Lemon Verbena

    Lemon Verbena
    The lemon verbena is a folk remedy for colds, fever, spasms asthma, flatulence, colic, diarrhea, indigestion, insomnia, and anxiety

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Who makes it?

About Forage + Bloom

New Zealand

People & plants are the heart of Forage + Bloom

Created by naturopath, medical herbalist and nutritionist Hannah McMenamin, Forage + Bloom is a range of organic herbal teas designed for home and hospitality; formulated to achieve the highest quality in taste and therapeutics. Herb infused hydration, helping you live well.

Quality and sustainability matter to Forage + Bloom. Their herbs are carefully sourced locally and globally; their philosophy is to use herbs that grow in abundance and to be thoughtful about their origins. Forage + Bloom uses certified organic medicinal herbs and our teas are free of synthetic or natural flavourings and additives, without exception.

Small batches are hand blended to ensure optimal freshness and potency. Ingredients and packaging are biodegradable, compostable and recyclable.

What buyers think about REVIVE : gently uplifting + energising


9.6/10 from 10 reviews

We do not incentivize our buyers to post reviews. All reviews are organic.

  1. 8/10

    Forage + Bloom tea is clean, beautiful, elegant and romantic


  2. 10/10

    I just wanted to say a massive thank you! Words cannot explain how religiously I drink your Revive tea each time I'm craving something sweet to drink or just to chill out! This has honestly changed me and gives me more energy than normal tea or coffee without dairy, which helps me soooo much during the day (I'm an early childhood teacher so keeps my brain on track). Thank you so much for helping me be a better teacher :-)


  3. 10/10

    My husband buys me your revive range of teas - he loves to treat me often and Revive has been his best treat yet. Every morning a big pot of Revive goes on and we share it together after our morning walk. Our energy levels for the day have improved markedly, we feel a lot clearer and are able to handle daily hurdles with easy after our Revive tea sessions.Thanks for making such a big difference to our lives.


  4. 8/10

    Customers love your tea range, we've been referring so many people to your website for home purchase too!


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