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What's in the box?


When it comes to nutrition, quality is key and less is usually more. You shouldn't eat anything that your body doesn't need.

  1. Organic ingredient | Black Ooolong Tea

    Black Ooolong Tea
    Oolong tea may not be as well known as green or black tea, but it has similar health benefits. These include benefits for heart, brain, bone and dental health. In addition, it may boost your metabolism, decrease your risk of developing type 2 diabetes and protect against certain types of cancer.

  2. Organic ingredient | Jasmine Flower

    Jasmine Flower
    Antidepressant. Antiseptic. Aphrodisiac. Antispasmodic. Cicatrizant. Decreases menopause symptoms. Galactagogues. Sedative.

  3. Organic ingredient | Puer Tea

    Puer Tea
    Pure Puer Tea - Health Benefits. Many people drink puer tea because they believe it: Reduces bad cholesterol and lowers triglycerides. In one study in laboratory animals, puer tea was the only kind of tea which could actually raise the level of good cholesterol (HDL) and lower the level of bad cholesterol (LDL.)

  4. Organic ingredient | Eucommia Tea

    Eucommia Tea
    Eucommia tea has so many health benefits; it tonifies our muscular and skeletal system, improves physical performance, eases back pain, acts as an antioxidant and anti-cancerous compound, it is anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, and many more.

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Who makes it?

About SmarTea

New Zealand

Total TeaTox

SmarTea Limited (founded in 2016) is a New Zealand based company whose mission is to help enhance the overall health of its customers. Their teas use only the best ingredients and we are proud to say they are 100% natural and organic.

They source the best quality ingredients from around the world and combine these amazing detox teas. Each blend has been specially crafted with the help of a nutritionist specialising in natural medicine.

What buyers think about 14 Day Evening Cleanse


9.6/10 from 10 reviews

We do not incentivize our buyers to post reviews. All reviews are organic.

  1. 10/10

    I had struggled to find a natural product that worked for constipation and bloating. A friend recommended I try this company and particularly this evening tea. It doesn’t not contain laxatives but worked a treat. I take it in the evening when I need help in that department. The next day I feel clean and less bloated.


  2. 8/10

    I do enjoy this detox tea it has an earthy taste that is not sweet just how a good cuppa should be. It worked well for me to shed a couple of KGs training for boxing.


  3. 8/10

    This tea is beautiful! I have tried a lot over the past 2 years and this is by far my favorite. Gentle but effective.


  4. 8/10

    This tea has an earthy flavor which is delicious. I wake up feeling cleansed


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