Organic protein powder

100% New Zealand Grass-fed organic protein powders, whey protein powders and vegan plant protein powders without artificial fillers, colours, sweetners and preservatives.

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Epicly Organic's range of organic protein powders are the perfect upgrade for anyone who uses a regular, chemically altered protein powder. With a higher % of protein per serving compared to regular protein powders, Epicly Organic's organic protein powders are sure to support your fitness with their superior quality and delicious taste.

Organic protein powders are free of synthetic fillers, artificial sweetners, artificial colours, artificial preservaties and any sort of chemical additives. To inflate the % of protein in each scoop, regular protein powders use a bigger scoop size and a protein matrix filled with low quality protein.

To stay true to their mission of holistic health, our partners use whey obtained from the milk of 100% grass fed cows which roam happily in the prestine pastures of New Zealand, all year round. To adhere to the highest standards of quality, these cows are never fed hormones or antibiotics and are just naturally healthier than regular cows. Happier cows, means purer, cleaner and more authentic whey protein to give you the best protein available.

Epicly Organic also lists vegan, plant based protein powders which are made from the European golden peas, sourced naturally and cultivated free from any GMO or chemical interference. Boasting an impressive 88% purity, fast digesting protein nutrients will get to work quick, restoring and replenishing muscle tissue, boosting performance and keeping you fuller for longer.

Plant protein is just as potent and absorptive as Whey protein.


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