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Premium collection of organic & natural shampoos for hair loss, oily hair, dry hair, dandruff, sensitive scalp, itchy scalp and other conditions.

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Epicly Organic brings you a curated list of premium organic and natural shampoos to help you cleanse your hair, without stripping it off of it's health and vitality. Organic shampoos use naturally occurring substances, like flowers, leaves, barks, roots, etc. to provide the same result as chemical shampoos, without the side-effects.

Organic shampoos are gentler on the hair & scalp. They contain natural ingredients like proteins, vitamins, essential oils, and fruit extracts without harmful chemical additives. Their surfactant effect is derived from natural sources like coconuts, Shikakai and soapwort.

Chemical shampoos are likely to irritate your scalp and lead to damage over time. They often strip your hair off moisture. These products might contain harmful petrochemicals to make your hair silky smooth, while masking the damaging effects of surfactants.

Organic shampoos cleanse your hair, without damaging the strands or the scalp. By eliminating toxic chemicals, organic shampoos have almost no side effects and are just as effective at cleaning your hair as chemical shampoos.


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