• Vegetarian
  • Artificial Flavour Free
  • Artificial Sweetner Free
  • Artificial Colour Free
  • Synthetic Preservative Free
  • GMO Free
  • Low Sodium
  • Filler Free

What's in the box?


When it comes to nutrition, quality is key and less is usually more. You shouldn't eat anything that your body doesn't need.

Nutrition Facts

Serving size: 30gm

Servings per container: 30

Per serving

Per 100 gms


1.8 g

6.1 g


23.9 g

79.8 g


2.2 g

7.2 g


1.5 g

5.1 g


0.0 g

0.0 g


1.8 g

6.1 g


0.0 g

0.0 g


42.0 mg

140.0 mg

  1. Nz Whey Protein Concentrate
    Description coming soon.

  2. Non-gmo Sunflower Lecithin Read More
    Description coming soon.

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Who makes it?

About Go Good

New Zealand

The best protein powders possible. Inside AND out.

Go Good was created as a raw alternative to dodgy commercial brand protein powders. From the inside out, they've built a range of whey and pea protein powders around a simple principle: goodness in, good times out. And speaking of good, it’s the realness of their products that makes them punch well above their weight.

Premium and honest protein sources, sustainable organic flavours, Go Good protein blends are as close to nature as you can get them. Go Good crafts pure nutritional supplements. Real ingredients with true benefits. Nothing your body doesn’t need. From the gym to the boardroom, to late night lair, Go Good stands for and supports healthy active lifestyles.

Their approach is simple: Quality is the most important thing. The products just need to be awesome. Second, they wanted to manufacture sustainably with top quality materials. And finally, try Go Good's best to offer products at everyday prices.

Well-being should be a given, not a privilege. Go Good believes everyone should be able to endorse a healthy lifestyle. Designed to be used to compliment personal health each and every day our products are intentionally priced in the exact same way.

What buyers think about Unflavoured Whey Protein Powder


9.6/10 from 10 reviews

We do not incentivize our buyers to post reviews. All reviews are organic.

  1. 8/10

    I bought this product to use in a variety of ways. I use it in savoury soups, sweet yoghurt and smoothies. It mixes well, has a smooth texture and does not overwhelm the flavour of the dish. After weight loss surgery I needed extra protein and this fits the bill perfectly.


  2. 8/10

    Bought the unflavoured protein this time for my smoothies and it's fabulous. I bought 2 to get a discount and it arrived at my door within 24 hours. Fantastic service, thanks Go Good.


  3. 8/10

    A fantastic protein powder that mixes up well, leaving no lumpy bits. Has a great neutral flavour.


  4. 8/10

    Great protein- easily dissolves, tastes good in smoothies, put in french toast or pancakes, or baked! Is awesome having the plain whey, no artificial stuff or weird sweeteners, can just make it taste like whatever I feel like on the day :)


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