Organic whey protein isolate

100% New Zealand Grass-fed organic whey protein isolate without artificial fillers, colours, sweetners and preservatives.

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Epicly Organic's curated range of organic whey protein isolates are made from the milk of 100% grass fed cows which roam happily in the prestine pastures of New Zealand, all year round. To adhere to the highest standards of quality, these cows are never fed hormones or antibiotics and are just naturally healthier than regular cows. Happier cows, means purer, cleaner and more authentic whey protein to give you the best protein available.

The flavour of these powders is derived from certified 100% organic sources like Peruvian cacao, Ecuadorian bananas, vanilla bark and Chilean strawberries. The sweetness is derived from stevia, a naturally occuring sweetner without any side effects.

Whey protein isolate on Epicly Organic contains atleast 90% protein, with a sparse supplement of lactose and essential amino acids. Whey protein isolates are for those whose sole requirement from a protein powder is protein. Isolates lack much of the nutrients that a concentrates possess.

Whey protein isolates are a great way to pack a solid punch of protein, anytime of the day. You won't get much of the other good stuff like minerals and aminos from isolates, so it's best you follow up with a healthy snack like a salad or a serving of fruit.

Organic whey protein isolates absorb better than regular isolates due to the superior ingredients used.


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