Organic whey protein powder

100% New Zealand Grass-fed organic whey protein concentrate and organic whey protein isolate without artificial fillers, colours, sweetners and preservatives.

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Epicly Organic's curated range of organic whey protein powders are made from the milk of 100% grass fed cows which roam happily in the prestine pastures of New Zealand, all year round. To adhere to the highest standards of quality, these cows are never fed hormones or antibiotics and are just naturally healthier than regular cows. Happier cows, means purer, cleaner and more authentic whey protein to give you the best protein available.

These organic whey protein powders are free of synthetic fillers, artificial sweetners, artificial colours, artificial preservaties and any sort of chemical additives. This ensures that while you get all the benefits of fast absorbing high quality whey, you do not have to worry about harmful chemicals.

The protein available from regular protein brands is in the form of a protein matrix, which is a fancy word for combination of high quality and low quality protein. Epicly Organic's partners ensure that their whey protein is made from 100% pure whey protein.

You get what you pay for, results and health.


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